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Keystone’s multiple private market investment platforms allow its investors to diversify across and participate in what we believe to be the most attractive sectors, industries and strategies in the private markets depending on current conditions. This “reach,” as we call it, allows us to be dynamic in capital allocations and achieve attractive risk-adjusted returns for our investors.

For example, we have found over the years that “apartment funds” will always acquire apartments, “equipment leasing companies” will always originate new leases and “real estate development firms” will always seek to develop new properties, each regardless of the current market environment, competition and other trends that may adversely affect their business models.

Keystone’s reach across multiple sectors, industries and strategies allows us to quickly limit one investment approach and emphasize another as markets, trends and competition evolve. Our reach is broadened further through our robust relationships with best of breed sourcing, operating and servicing partners in our areas of focus.