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The security of an investment is often only as good as the analysis. However, no two investments are generally the same. At Keystone, we pride ourselves on a thorough and detailed analysis of each potential investment. In each instance, we generally begin the process by asking what actions, events or conditions could negatively impact the performance of the potential investment and then thoroughly conduct due diligence to address each of these points.

Keystone’s quantitative and statistical analyses are particularly valuable when making investments in consumer credit, for example, as an analysis of thousands of underlying data points, performance and historical patterns is often warranted. In other credit investments, a comprehensive assessment of the value, quality and marketability of the collateral is necessary. When reviewing a real estate acquisition or development project, however, metrics such as occupancy, location, capital expenditures, interest rates, and other macro and micro economic factors should be analyzed and considered.

We believe that our thorough and customized due diligence process is a competitive advantage for our firm and investors.